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better sleep

Get deep, personalized insights with a multi-night sleep-fitness test & expert consultation.

Enhance your well-being and boost productivity — start with the power of restful sleep.


100% Money Back Guarantee

With over 200 reviews with a 4.6 star rating

available in Singapore only.


Clinically Validated
Home Sleep Test

Technology developed in Singapore and validated against gold-standard medical tests in trials conducted at the National University of Singapore (NUS) and supported by the Singapore Health Technologies Consortium.

Read the breakthrough findings in Frontiers in Neuroscience

95.4% Deep

sleep detection specificity

96.1% REM

sleep detection specificity
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Solve your sleep problems at the root

Our tests accurately measure your sleep patterns and vital signs, identifying the core factors affecting your rest. With this detailed understanding, we help you effectively target and resolve your sleep concerns, right where they start. Download a sample report.

Sleep Architecture


Gain insights into how you transition between light, deep, and REM sleep to ensure you're getting the rejuvenating rest you need

Sleep Position

Track the time spent in each sleep position to identify your ideal alignment for uninterrupted, quality sleep.

Breathing Patterns

Track your breathing throughout the night, identifying interruptions and assessing the risk of sleep apnea for uninterrupted, restful sleep.

Stress & Cardiac Health

Measure your heart rate variability and stress markers to understand how your cardiac health and stress levels impact your sleep and overall wellness.

Sleep Chronotype


Align your daily schedule with your natural sleep-wake cycle for enhanced well-being

Biological Age


Uncover your biological age to see if your body is aging faster, slower, or right on track, offering key insights for proactive health management.

personalised advice 

Every SleepFit SG test session includes a 20-minute online consultation with our in-house sleep expert.


They will walk you through your results, decode the complex data into actionable insights, and offer personalized advice to ensure you leverage every bit of knowledge for better sleep.


It's more than just understanding your sleep; it's about transforming it.

Video Consultation


“ I have had sleep problems for very long. I had tried supplements like magnesium and slow-release melatonin, but nothing helped. Finally took the sleep fit test. The test setup was easy, customer support was excellent. With the help of the online consultation, It allowed me to understand the root cause of the issues. I could see improvements in my sleep in just two weeks of implementing the advice."

Order Test

The test kit is shipped within one business day

Take upto five sleep tests

Follow the instructions in the test kit. Customer support is available if you face any issues.

Receive Comprehensive Report

Your compiled sleep report is emailed to you. You can now book a session with our in-house sleep expert. Please return the test kit using the included return label. 

Online Consultation

Walk over your report with the in-house sleep expert. We will help you understand the report and carve a plan to improve any deficiencies. 

Simple steps to kickstart your  
SleepFit journey 

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Chest Worn 


100% Money Back Guarantee

Unlock in-depth sleep analysis and expert guidance, all wrapped in unmatched value.

Includes 5 overnight tests

Comprehensive report and AI recommendations

20 minute online consultation with in-house expert

Test kit rental, technical support  and logistics 

Next day shipping

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At SleepFit SG, we're committed to your satisfaction and sleep transformation. That's why we offer a straightforward money-back guarantee. If you find that our service is not the right fit for you, you can request a refund within 14 days of activating the test. Simply return the test kit, and we'll process your refund, minus a $35 management fee. We make it easy for you to try our comprehensive sleep analysis with peace of mind, knowing that your journey to better sleep is backed by our supportive guarantee.

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Have questions?  Get answers.  

Can SleepFit SG test be used to diagnose any sleep disorder?

SleepFit SG is a wellness device aimed at enhancing sleep quality and overall well-being. It is not a medical device and cannot be used to diagnose or treat any sleep conditions. Our service provides detailed insights into your sleep patterns, helping you understand and improve your sleep. For diagnosis or treatment of sleep disorders, please consult a healthcare professional.

Do I need to take all the five tests consecutively?

No, you don't have to take all five tests consecutively, but it's recommended for the best insights. We rent you the test kit for up to 14 days, giving you the flexibility to schedule the tests at your convenience within this period. However, for more consistent and accurate results, we strongly recommend conducting the tests on consecutive nights.

How long does it take to receive my results and recommendations?

Your report is available within 1 business day of completing all the tests. We recommend completing all 5 tests, but you may choose as few as 3 tests. Once a test is marked complete, you cannot take any more tests and you must return the test kit using the included return label.

Which languages do you support?

Currently, we offer our services, including the reports and online consultations, exclusively in English.

More questions? Use the chat button...


The contents of this website are meant purely for informational and educational purposes only. The SleepFit SG test is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, treatment, or professional care. If you have or suspect you have a health problem, you should consult a doctor or a qualified healthcare provider. Do not disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this website.

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